Earlier this week I met a really lovely gal, who had graduated high school earlier this year. She graduated a year ahead of schedule, after thinking she wasn’t going to be able to graduate at all. I saw a lot of myself in her. I remember thinking having just graduated high school, “this is it, this is adulthood”. Little did I know that just being able to provide for yourself did not make you an adult.


She and I waited through a long line to get our coffee, and I am so grateful for that time. Her energy was absolutely inspiring. During our time in line, she told me about what her plans were, where she was working at and how she wanted to work full-time, preferably with children… It was like I was looking in a mirror of the past. I opened up to her about my past experiences; working in my community, working with children, volunteering, my move out West. And then it dawned on me; I was subconsciously trying to inspire her!


This brief 15-20 minute interaction sparked a fire in me, to open up… You never know who you may be subconsciously inspiring!


What could be more inspiring than our local Boys & Girls Club?! The children are a blast to be around, the staff is immersed in the day and the Board truly cares about the children’s futures. Join the Boys & Girls Club of Contra Costa, this Saturday for their annual Crab Feed and support this great cause!