This week, I had the opportunity to create community. I helped friends purchase a home just two houses down from another family who I had recently helped. It felt incredible playing matchmaker to these sweet families!


My husband grew up in a similar neighborhood and is still close friends with the friends he had in that neighborhood. His memories of staying out until the street lights came on, picking up golfballs for the local putting green and getting into trouble; are some of his fondest. The parents of the children would often meet up for card games, pool parties, and bowling leagues. I’m hopeful that both families (each with two boys and two girls) will follow close in his footsteps. When both families were looking for their homes, they knew compromises would have to be made, but they never imagined they’d have “instant friends”.


The work I do is at times risky, challenging and can even be demanding; I do it because of moments like this. The reward certainly beats out the demands. The feeling of creating community, connecting people and making a drastic difference in families’ lives is incredibly fulfilling. I genuinely feel like all my other jobs were leading up to this; volunteering in my hometown, being the director of Outreach in AmeriCorps, pizza delivery driving and nannying; each played a part in their own way. There is a huge misconception that Real Estate Agents just sell homes; nothing is farther from the truth for me, it is SO much more than that. I don’t often talk about what I do on my blog, but I feel so compelled because of the amazing gratitude I feel at this moment. My heart has never been more full!!


Want to meet some of your neighbors, but you’re on the shy side? Let’s go meet them together! Just reach out to me, I’m always looking to meet new people. There are many great events coming up that you could also meet your neighbors at. One of the events coming up is the Martinez Hot Cocoa Day Camp. 


Don’t forget friends, love thy neighbor!