This weekend, my husband and I were out & about shooting videos in downtown Martinez. It was such a blast!

We started by walking across the street from our home to Ignacio Plaza Park. There we saw some of our neighbors and took in the beauty of a warm February day.

From there we headed to our backyard (we are located just a few blocks from downtown) to liftoff the drone. Seeing our city from this perspective was breathtaking. Looking to the north was the Carquinez Strait; to the southeast sits Mount Diablo; just below us were all the idyllic and historic homes of Martinez.

The next day we filmed at the Farmer’s Market. We ran across some past clients of mine, who had also walked down to get their fresh and local grown veggies. I LOVE running into past clients! While we were at the Market, we chatted up some of the local artisans, sampled some of the produce and soaked in the live music that was playing.

It was such a delightful time, getting to film where we live and to get to see the city through a different perspective! I’ll be sure to post that video to the blog, once it’s complete.


Looking for something magical to do? Check out the California Magic Club, located at 514 Main Street, Martinez.