This weekend I had the opportunity to meet over one hundred new groups of people! If you haven’t caught on by now, I love meeting new people and creating new connections. Many of these folks I met while hosting an open house in downtown Martinez and most of them were looking to make a move to Martinez (because what’s not to love?!) and mentioned how much they adore the downtown area. We are so blessed to live here and to get to make a positive impact in our community.


While at the open house I set out a couple of flyers with my bio. To my surprise, people read them while at the open house. Better yet, I struck up conversations about my two terms of service with AmeriCorps. I heard many stories about how AmeriCorps changed people’s lives, how an AmeriCorps member helped them and how they admired the domestic service. The reactions made my heart so full and that’s when I realized it made a HUGE difference in my life to make a difference in the communities I’ve served. In speaking to folks, some of them asked me to coffee, others asked to come to assess their home. It is incredible to me how when people see a caring soul they gravitate to it. I can’t wait to meet with those folks again and make an even deeper connection!


I also met the owners of Chairs for Affairs, a local all-women-owned company here in the Bay Area. These gals have such huge hearts and truly care about the products & services they have. I toured their facility, met two of the owners and got to know them a little better. I learned of a non-profit that they support, called Youth Homes. Working with individuals who have heart, compassion and care about our communities is who I strive to work with.


If you’re around this weekend (and over 21 years old), go check out Armando’s! GarageLand Rodeo is a local band that has been playing there for years. This will be their final 5th Friday event at Armando’s, so it’s sure to be a blast.