This week as I left the gym I realized that I recognized a couple of the gals in class. I’m not a shy person, by any means, so I approached them to see if they recognized me too. Right away they asked “aren’t you Cienna’s mom?”. I was so delighted that they remembered my pup and quickly realized that they are my dogs Vet Techs!


Earlier in the week my husband and pup were walking downtown. He popped into Starbucks and the barista asked about our pup. She had mentioned that she sees us walking her almost every day and wanted to meet her. That was the first day that Cienna tried a Pupucino and made a friend. The very next day the same barista wanted to say hello to our fur baby.


When I was dropping off a goody bag to my hairdresser I popped into one of the local coffee shops, States Coffee. I had an extra goody bag and asked if the baristas wanted it – It will full of candy and other Halloween treats. They smiled like I had offered candy to a six-year-old and said that I had made their day.


It’s these little moments that make me so happy to live in a small town… Martinez is actually quite large, and is the County Seat for Contra Costa County; but living downtown sure does make it feel like we’re in Smalltown, USA. I oftentimes try to find these small moments throughout the week to be thankful for. Whether it’s my pup being recognized, making someone’s day or just a smile across a neighbors face; this is what fills my soul-tank.


This week’s fun event is one for the kiddos! Join the Martinez Recreations Division for Frankie Friday, down at Rankin park!