This weekend our family walked down to our local farmers market. It is so incredible to me, how the local businesses have been able to pivot at this time.


At the farmers market, there were little tape marks to show folks were to stand, lots of signs about social distancing and hand sanitizer at every corner. In the businesses, there was also tape on the ground and signs as well as hand sanitizer… But you know what was most impressive? The smiles! Everyone was so chipper and excited to be out and about. It was such a lovely sight to see. Yes, there were masks covering those it smiles, but you could see it in peoples’ eyes and expressions – We are all happy to be there.


I overheard a couple of folks at the flower stand talking about how they were going to be delivering some flowers to friends and family; I was just so touched to hear that folks are still showing compassion for one another. I bought a bouquet to share, and it brightened my day and my friend who I shared them with.


The local breweries have pivoted by having their customers chilling outdoors while drinking their brews. The other eateries are doing the same, and some even have (masked) live musicians. It feels very European Holiday downtown and us Martizians are so grateful for the huge pivot these locally owned companies have been able to take.


Our Martinez farmers market is hosted year-round from 10am to 2pm. Let’s go check it out together some time!