Since the beginning of the pandemic, our family has been out on walks almost daily. When we go a couple of days without our walks (because of the weather, or unhealthy air quality) we really feel this. For us, our walks are a time to reflect, discuss important business issues, plan our futures and just be together. Sometimes, we just walk quietly, enjoying the beautiful city that we live in.

Recently, we both had a demanding work-week and only got out to walk together once. When I say feel these weeks, here’s what I mean; we become disconnected about tasks that need done in our home, we are both more sluggish, we make poor food decisions and our tone becomes sharper. This is NOT how we like to be with one another, and it brings doubt into all aspects of live, “Am I contributing enough”, “Why am I the only one working on this” and other doubtful questions enter our minds. As soon as both our feet hit the concrete, was hash it all out and come back home feeling lighter, the doubts have been addressed and we are able to reconnect with each other.

So my friends, when in doubt, walk it out!

*Here are the top benefits of walking:

  • It burns calories, and tones your legs
  • Strengthens your heart
  • Eases joint pain
  • Aids in your immune function
  • Boosts your energy & mood
  • And allows for creative thinking

*source: healthline