Looking for something fun to do while you’re in Martinez? Here are just a few of the fun things we’ve done over the last few weeks.

– Wine Tasting at Viano Winery –

The beautiful vineyard spans acres and acres, and when approaching we are always greeted by the friendly pup who lives there. We love taking a light lunch with us to enjoy while we are there tasting the different varietals. The Viano family has been harvesting in Martinez for well over 100 years, and the sweet owners are always happy to share stories with us.

– Hiking Along Franklin Ridge Loop –

This hike is in downtown Martinez. Although it is pretty steep, it’s well worth the views from above! There are parks, a community swimming pool and a baseball field all at the foothills of this hike.

– Open Air Markets –

Fond of artisan-made goods? Then this is the spot for you! I recently posted the entire schedule on another blog, so be sure to check out upcoming dates. Not only is it fun to shop at these markets, we also make time to eat at one of the many locally-owned restaurants downtown.

– Neighborhood Walk-About –

Not quite sure what else to call this! My family and I love to take long walks after dinner or before breakfast to admire the architectural beauties in our neighborhood. There are homes from the late 1800’s up to home built in the 1980’s, so there are a lot of different styles to admire.

These are just a few things that we like to do when we can get some quality time together. Hope you enjoy!