Just a short stroll from my home is the Carquinez Strait – We love it for the Regional Shoreline Hike, with an amazing nature preserve. Little did we know that it had such a rich history!

The strait connects many rivers, which then drain to the San Francisco Bay. It’s about 8 miles long, and the shorelines are littered with hiking trails and homes. Two bridges run along the Strait; the Carquinez Bridge and the Benicia-Martinez bridge. From these bridges, you can see folks walking along the pedestrian walkways, ships carrying cargo, and even a retired shipyard.

At one point in its history, the Strait even had a ferry. There’s been talks of creating a new, private ferry in Martinez, but those talks have been put on hold since about 2017. The Strait, along Martinez is quite the little industrial hub, with Amtrak close by, as well as the Martinez Refinery Company.

I invite you to check out the history of the Carquinez Strait. Below are some links for further info: https://www.carquinezmagazine.com/history-of-carquinez-prehistoric-to-modern