The Martinez Art Council’s Art in the Park, this past weekend, was an absolute blast – There were local musicians jamming on the stage; incredible metalworkers; talented jewelry makers, and event snowcones! We had the opportunity to catch one of our neighbor’s sons playing with one of the bands and it was a delight to watch that young man play the keyboards.


On a not-so-fun note our pup, Cienna, had to get stitches. She and I were playing at Sparacino Park and she caught one of the sticks we were playing with funny and snagged herself. Cienna is such a trooper that we didn’t know she was hurt until much later. She is recovering really well but really wants to go for a walk; which she can’t do for two weeks. At least she doesn’t have to be in the “cone of shame”!


Here’s this week’s fun event: 9th Annual Polish Street Festival

Hosted by the East Bay Polish American Association. This fun event will take place on  Saturday, August 24th, 2019 from 11 am to 6 pm.