Martinez’s Campbell Theatre is one of the most original theatres I’ve attended. There a concession stands, live shows and movies as well.

Over the holiday season, my aunt rented the theater for our family and some community members, where they presented “It’s a Wonderful Life” It was like taking a step back in time with the film and the theater experience. The velvet seats, the announcer, and the whole vibe was very old school.

We’ve also seen a few improve groups there and those are a true blast! They have very fun and interactive groups on stage. There are also plays that we’ve seen there and it’s always been fun to see our local community members up on stage.

Once we wrap up at the theater, we hit one of our local eateries and make a night of it!

The Martinez Campbell Theatre is Operated by Onstage Repertory Theatre Company,
a 501(3)C non-profit corporation.