This past weekend we hosted Friendsgiving at our home. To us, Friendsgiving is all about showing your friends gratitude for being in their lives; it’s a time for us to break bread and reminisce about great things that happened to us this year; and it’s a time to connect about adventures we look forward to sharing in the coming year.


For the first time ever, we had a ton of kiddos attend! It was so fun to watch them enjoying each other’s company. I genuinely hope that these gatherings create relationships within the children that will last a lifetime. We picked up some fun crafts for them to do, and all ages of kids participate… Even some adults!


Oh and the food… SO MUCH FOOD! It was my year to coordinate Friendsgiving, and it was so easy. I just had a spreadsheet that detailed what everyone was bringing, and all I had to do was pick up turkey, ham and make the mashers. There were a couple of single men who I asked to bring food items, and even with a simple request like “chips and dip” or “just bring the rolls”, they really got into it. We coined one of our friends “the dip guy” from here on out.


My heart is so full (not to mention my belly) from this experience in our new home. I can’t wait to host again! If you want tips and tricks to make your Friendsgiving a blast, just reach out!


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