The feeling of belonging is something that humans innately crave. This week we had that feeling of belonging to our community, and it was incredible! It wasn’t one action or situation that made us feel this, rather it was many small moments throughout our week. From our neighbors coming over for a visit as we did yard work, to being recognized at our favorite eatery and seeing family while out and about; this week was our week of feeling like we are HOME!


To me, community is critical. That’s why when I graduated high school I took a year off of my studies to volunteer with AmeriCorps, right in my hometown and continue to volunteer in my community whenever I can. When I made my move to beautiful North Lake Tahoe after graduating college it was because I was yearning for a new, eclectic sense of community; I again found this in my AmeriCorps volunteering. Building a community where people feel safe, welcomed and have a sense of belonging takes decades – I’m truly looking forward to being able to contribute to this in our community.


Fun Fact: Martinez established the Martinez Community Foundation back in 1993 – The same year that Beanie Babies were introduced to the world!

Check out the Martinez Community Foundation and some of the great things they’ve done by going to their website: http://martinezcommunityfoundation.org/php/grantawards.php


???? Photo taken at Susana Park.