This week we’ve faced a lot of uncertainty and a bit of panic. The news has been reporting on the Coronavirus, the Fed’s lowering interest rate and the stock market taking big hits. News like this makes all of us feel uneasy, can make us make different decisions than we anticipated and affects the little ones in our lives. As a person who is often looked to for guidance, I have had a mantra this week, “Be the Calm”.


Not so long ago I had a mentor tell me to be like a duck – Paddling like crazy underwater BUT above the water, where everyone can see, be calm. There is always going to be uncertainty, and the news will always be reporting on this. Know what is not reported on? The small pieces in our lives that make our day to day lives flow. I’ve been taking the time to remind people how much they mean to me, being extra generous in tipping the service workers, and just remaining the calm that everyone needs in times like these.


So, remember to be the calm. Whether that is at your workplace, while you’re picking up the littles from school or just checking out at the grocery store – BE THE CALM.


Looking for a calming activity to do with the family this cold and rainy weekend? Check out the Martinez Historical Museum.